Seeking partner for Texas and NM MHP's

Hello there! I am an experienced single family investor with a reasonable amount of capital looking to buy my first MHP in the next year. I just finished the bootcamp back in July. I am looking for a partner who is also experienced in real estate and has capital that I can develop a partnership with.

I’m looking for a long term active partnership where we can share workload, not a passive capital partner. Not looking to jump into anything really quickly, I want to network and get to know each other well first and see if the partnership is a good fit.

I’m getting in this business to buy great deals and hold them long term, not in it to make quick cash. I live in Texas and intend to focus on Texas and New Mexico for buying opportunities. I would prefer someone that also lived in Texas as a partner.

If you are interested, shoot me a message with email and phone and we can connect.