Seeking investor for RV Park

Good evening everyone.

I’m looking for a RV park investor for a park near me. I will run the park.

Price: $250,000
Spots: 82
Park owned RVs: 5

The park is a turn-around park. The owner’s wife became sick and now the owner is sick. No one has marketed or worked on the park for quite some time. It’s running around 20-25% occupancy. Needs cleaning up/marketing/new signage/landscaping.

This park would cost $750,000 to build new and is located on a busy highway in Texas.

If you are interested, please write me for more information.


I’m interested in more information. I used to own an MHP/RV Park in Tyler, TX.and have experience.
If you want to discuss send an email to

Message me about the financing options that you have on the table (or would like to have on the table).

The park had an all cash offer come in