Seeking Experienced MHP partner



In looking at the partnerships formed where did you notice they began? I’d be willing to bet you that the vast majority started as a contact at one of the various networking and educational events. I would recommend you look into attending a few of those this year - to both further your learning and to meet great people.




I appreciate your words and you couldn’t be more right. I visited the MOM last year in Troy and have benefited immensely from the people I was able to network with. Thank you for the advice and I plan on attending at least one event this year. (MOM in November in, GA??) Hope to see you there!

Rob Wilson


I would strongly suggest you attend Mobile Home Millions 6 being held in Austin, Texas. After reading your post you need to attend this event if your as serious as you sound, why wait to the end of the year to get the ball rolling, if you haven’t already read my post today The Power of Networking check it out, it’s speaking to you and anyone else who is serious about getting started in the business.

Check out the info. on Mobile Home Millions 6

Best of luck,

Fred Balke

Hi Rob,

There are a number of us attending MHM 6 who have experience putting joint ventures together.

Hope to see you there,