Seasonal campground/MHP

Found a seasonal campground with 69 sites with the potential to add a couple dozen more. Looking like $1100 a year per site lot rent. So the question is, for a first time buyer how bad of an idea is this? Shady circle on Raccoon lake.

Seasonal camps can make good to excellent money but for one that size you will need to be onsite 24/7 during the camping season. It’s too small to have or trust someone else to properly run the operation.

Yeah I was kind of worried about that being the situation. Not interested in running a park, the income from the place would be eaten up by any on site manager.

From owning a campground before seasonal campers are very territorial. With that being said you must have rules!!! or they will take over the place. We made all them sign a years lease and had them pay in full or in three installments always before the season started. Once the season started you won’t get your money. Only down side is if you make someone mad you could loose a lot of them which happen to us when we made changes. We had close to 50 seasonal and when we made changes we lost about 25. So if you are buying on the premise that they will pay your mortgage then make sure you have room for people that leave. But it is vey good steady money!

I have indicated before we have owned and OPERATED a 235 space seasonal park with NO 24/7 with just two people. If you are hesitant give me a chance at the property or can personally guide you if you so desire. Our park was always in overflow mode and the people were fantastic.