Schedule 2729 PVC

Anybody familiar with this specific PVC? It appears to be a bit more thin-walled than most other I’ve come across and one of the first commercially available. Park likely built early 60s. Wondering how much of a concern it should be if anyone has come across it before.

Just curious, how did you determine it was Schedule 2729? Was it stamped on it? We have had problems with thinner (thinner than schedule 40 sewer line) with breaks. Not good for this community.

One of the excavators that had done work on a previous break mentioned it to me. Said if orangeburg was a 1/10 this would be a 5/10.

This is a northern, very cold weather climate.

This is being used as sewer pipe?
I believe we have some of it in our park. It is ok, I don’t recall a failure (3 years of ownership)
I seem to remember that the pipe is slightly different diameter than ABS or pvc.
I think it’s real purpose is for landscape drainage.

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Yes, it is. Landscape drainage would probably make more sense.

That’s Sched 10 which was the 1st PVC made back then. It’s not a good product for water especially since water is pressurized. I haven’t seen or heard of issues with sewer lines.

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