Safe act- compliance- ohio & else where

I am looking at acquiring additional parks in Ohio and Burlington NC where Rick Ewens occasionally talks about his park.

In Western Ohio Region there is has been a big scare tactic going on driven by the State Association and a local local attorney. The managers at the two Ohio Parks are scared to death to sell a home without getting certified by the state. Truth is that Loan Officers with 10 years in the business sometimes fail this test. Plus the $50,000 bond etc. etc.

In the Greensboro and Burlington NC region it seems that no one has ever heard about, is not talking about it and are not complying with it.

In Georgia I think that the only park owner trying to comply with it is Spencer Roanne who I believe is on the State association.

We are selling homes on a contract sale or other quasi rent to own program. This ACT would or should have never included rent to own programs. I think that it must include Single Family Investors who are also selling homes on a contact.

Any comments on my immediate problem in Ohio where the hue and cry has been raised and if I don’t comply some one will turn us in in a heart beat.

How do we get around this?? What about NC? What is happening there?

On a national level is there any pending or approved waiver?

Any comments Rick?? Anyone else? This is a very foreboding issue and yet I do not see any discussion on this issue?



We initially called the Commissioner of Banks in NC to see if he could shine some light on how the Safe Act was going to affect us community owners. He had no idea. I posted and attached what information the NCMHA had published on MHPS forum site a couple of months ago. In the latest NCMHA annual report they say they have been working with the Commissioner of Banks and the NC General Assembly on a statute to protect the unique operations of the manufactured housing industry. That is all I know. Search the archived information of the Safe Act on the MHPS site for the attachment I posted on the Safe Act in NC. I will also send it to you if you email me at

Best of Luck