RV Parks

Would like opinions on RV Parks versus MHPs. I have friends that have recently opened two RV Parks, not recreactional, but for permanent and work related stay. They are doing very well with the concept. Very similar to the MHP concept where park owner does not own homes and just collects lot rentals. These are no frills parks, just pads and utilites. No pool or recreational activities. They have onsite management along with web based CCTV systems so they can visually monitor the parks daily from their computers.


  • No maintenance of homes

  • No eviction procedures. If tenant does not pay, merely call law invorcement and have escorted off property.

  • Easier to move RV to another location so owner more willing to purchase versus mobile home.


  • Tenants can pull out whenever they choose, so revenue stream can fluctuate. I suppose this can also be the case though with MHPs as tenants can just up and leave the home.

There seems to be a growing trend here where more and more people are purchasing RVs and renting space within MHPs or RV Parks for residence. in most cases an RV is cheaper and they can move in with a pickup truck versus having to pay $5000 or more to move the home in, or out. RV Parks have the same road and utility infrastructure as MHPs so very similar.