RV Parks

How do you all feel about RV Parks? Is it the same as owning a MHP?

I’ve been getting a few leads on folks looking to sell their RV Park. Seems to be more of a “transient” business though.

Any insight anyone has would really help. Thanks!



I have always stayed away from RV parks unless they are rented all year round by the tenant (i.e. snowbirds spending 6 months a year in warmer climates like Florida or Arizona).

With a RV park you have bought yourself a job… and a big one! It is very management intensive with the transient nature of the clientele.

With a mobile home park it is very difficult for a tenant to move their home due cost. With an RV park the tenant can move out in the middle of the night!


Thanks for your insight, Corey. Very funny but realistic analogy. That definitely gives me a good picture between an RV Park and MHP!