RV Park?

We have 3 mobile home parks (100 units) and are considering a 145 site RV park. It seems compelling as 30 are permanent sites with covered parking and a storage building. About 35% of the “overnight” sites are longterm stays and basically perm but lack the perm site amenities. While different than a mobile home park there are similarities and we’d greatly appreciate the forum’s thoughts. Asking price is 2.25MM, we are 2 hrs away, there is existing management/staff that is overseen by the existing owner who lives in the park and they operate ancillary business. Our goal is to keep the part-time staff in place to handle the day to day. The ancillary business include coin laundry (leased equipment with rev sharing) propane filling (significant sales to non RV clients) and “general store” with snack and basic RV supplies.

The park is well located in a nice TX community and close to a major interstate. During the slow travel season (Dec and Jan) the overnight portion of the park appeared to be 60% full and the owner asserts that it is nearly 90% + full much of the year with many travel clubs staying a week or more at time.

On the surface it appears that the operating costs would be marginally higher than a mobile home park but the numbers seem compelling given the high occupancy and ancillary businesses. We believe an RV park is a more active business than a MHC and our biggest concerns are the ability to keep quality management in place with proper risk control (i.e. no theft) and the ability to maintain a strong overnight/travel club appeal. If the forum as thought on best practices to limit pocketing cash from overnight guest that would be very helpful.

Thank you for your insights.



I do not own a RV park so can only pass along the advice of two friends I have that each own similar types of parks.

Their advice is that if the owner does not live on site or is not daily hands on owner then don’t bother owning a RV park. There is too much responsibility to leave all hands on daily responsibilities to employees. Direct supervision by owner is required.

I believe one solution is to no longer accept cash and only allow over night guests to pay with credit/debit. Even with laundry etc… you could switch to a token system and require the customers to purchase tokens with credit card.

Your best bet is to buy and read the information on our sister website: http://www.rvparkuniversity.com.

But long story short, RV Parks only make sense if you live on-site. Even if you do, they are not as good of an investment as MHPs.


Unless you’re going to live there, stick with mobile home parks, as they are a far better business model.