RUBS versus water meters

I have installed water meters in my park about a year ago. We fixed all the leaks in water lines. However we still bill back only 68% of what we are charged by city. Our meters used to give errors / we kept changing meter heads but still I do not see much improvement.I am thinking of switching to RUBS but I read  in the forum opinions against RUBS as such not encouraging conservation and tenants getting upset etc…I am comfortable with RUBS but reading cons about f RUBS made think twice but nevertheless my current system is not affective either.If you have meters not functioning properly and had made effort to correct these problems and assuming your  managers are reading meters correctly as well, what would you have done? We do not have problem with collections but more with what we are able to read at the metersthanksSema

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Could be a problem with competence of your manager reading the meters.Could be a problem with the City’s master meter.Could be the tenants messing with the meters.Could be something else…Let us know what it turns out to be,-jl-

I would test the system before doing anything else. Let the tenants know for several hours on day x you will have water service interruption between 8am and 5pm. Get a crew together and shut off every home. Now take a few hours and watch your master meter. If it spins, you have a leak. If not, you have a leak between a (or several) shutoffs and the meters. Your master is reading in gallons, cubic feet or?? Do your meters match? Many citys have ‘flat fees’ and charged amounts. In one park I have the flat fees are about $25.00 per lot per month, and the metered amounts to about $8 per lot. We separate out the charges.