Roomate for the Vegas Bootcamp

I will be attending the Vegas Boot camp. I was able to get a room with 2 queen sized beds for just under $1,000. If anyone who is going to the boot camp would like to share the room, I would consider doing so. I am a 33 year old male who has owned parks for 14 years and been active in the forums for years. Feel free to call. 260-925-1716

Holy Crap! $1,000 for a room in Vegas?

Yea I know. Its the hotel the boot camp is at. I called around and the prices where high elsewhere. One hotel worker told me that there is a lot of conventions in town that weekend.

Just to clarify, the going rate is around $250 - $350 a night for the hotels in the area and specifically around $300 at the event hotel. When we booked the hotel for the conference originally on the Las Vegas Strip, rates were around $100 a night at the event hotel but since more conventions got scheduled in Vegas, the rates went up.



I live in Las Vegas. $1,000 for 3 nights sounds high.
Maybe I can point you in the right direction?


Hey Mike,
Thanks for the response. I already booked my room.
I also just talked to a guy that paid almost $500 for a motel 8 room 1.5 miles away.
I’ll be happy to stay right where the conference is at.