Road improvements

The roads are washing out. Gravel road on a hill rutted and washing away badly. Other section the pavement is buckled, frost heaved and not installed properly by a do it yourself owner. Needs to come out. This is cold weather country - coast of Maine. Think plowing, pot holes, muddy springs - you get the picture.

I’m getting mixed signals on method of repair.

Pave it: very expensive to install, expensive to maintain. I’m concerned about the maintenance cost. Rocks may push up and tear the asphalt. Could do 2" and put surface coat on in 5 yrs to keep cost down.

Reclaim: This is recycled, ground up asphalt. Less expensive. Concerned about rutting.

Tar and Chip: What counties do for country roads. Put down rock then liquid asphalt, then another layer. Less expensive to install and maintain. Kind of stretches when rocks pop up rather than tear.

What has been your experience on road improvements?