i have a tenant that called me to complain that she has cockroaches in her home, due to the neighbor across the street. the exterminator told her that they will travel to other homes close by if the infected home does not take care of their problem. we have owned properties for a long time and have never ran into this. i have no way to be able to dictate to a person what they do inside their own home. these are not park owned homes. the outsides of the home are clean and well kept, just apparently they are not good housekeepers. has anyone out there ran into this type of situation before, if you have, a little guidance would be greatly appreciated.



If these are not park owned homes then it would not seem to be your problem. This homeowner needs to clean the house and call an exterminator. There are various products on the market that work well but again, this is not your concern.

I own most of mark park homes and we run into this from time to time. We use some of the various products and from time to time will agree to pay 1/2 of the exterminator bill (if it is a new tenant) but not often. We explain that we cannot control what comes into the home that is feeding these creatures.

This homeowner is attempting to make their problem your problem. Don’t let this happen.


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