Roaches and bugs

I have a home in my park that I rent out. The tenant has roaches. I’m curious if I should pay for a treatment or if I should tell the tenant that the bugs are not mine and that they are responsible. What is your policy??

It’s probably the tenant’s uncleanliness at least that is what I see in my park. If people around them are without roach problems then

it’s them. I let them take care of it. Demon at ACE hardware is the best.

Mobilehomepark, we provide Pest Control for our Park Owned Homes.

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I agree completely with Kristin. I have seen cockroaches in multi-million dollar homes and everyone of those homes were clean and had scheduled pest control.

Cockroaches are simply a scavenger which nature provides to clean up. Their eggs come in on clothing, packages and other things. Having them in a location does not mean the persons are filthy and brought this on themselves.

When I finally choose the place I want, I will have regular pest control spraying inside and around the outside perimeter of each unit to control them. It is cheap insurance vs being sued for medical bills. Read where a child gotten one in its ear, probably very painful. But I bet the medical bills were more expensive than scheduled spraying.

Besides they leave an awful stench in a home, been in one of those with a massive infestation.