Restrictions on Well Water

Is there any restriction on the state level on the number of units per well? How will you determine if the well is enough to serve the park? Buying an 18-unit park and it’s on a well and septic system. Park is in Virginia.

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The local health department can guide you through the local requirements.

I do have some experience in this area and the calculation is complicated.
But I’ll give it a go.

First, you calculate the well’s production. As an example:
Well #1 produces 30 GPM.
30 GPM x 24 hours x 60 Minutes is your maximum production per day. 43,200 gallons per day (GPD).

Next, you calculate your demand. Assume 250 GPD x 88 Units = 22,000 GPD.
If you have historic usage that is very helpful.

2008 Waterworks Stand Section 64552 (b) (5); and section 64554 (b) (3) and (4) the Maximum Day Demand (MOD) and Peak Hourly Demand (PHD) for the system would be based on peaking factors of 2.25 for the MOD and 1.5 for the PHD.

Therefore MOD is 22,000 GPD x 2.2 Peaking Factor = 48,400

And the PHD is estimated to be 48,400 per day / 8 hours x 1.5 x 4 hours = 36,400 gallons.

In this example, Well is rated at 43,200 GPD. The system has 30,000 gallons of storage tanks and is about 20% less than the PHD of 36,400 PHD.

This system is not in good shape. They could run out of water based on the PHD and MOD.
(43,200 Daily Production - 48,400 MOD = 5200 deficit and PHD is 36,400 but it only has 30,000 of storage 6,400 deficit).

Feel free to plug in your numbers and see if your system is adequate.


Thank you so much! This is new to me and I appreciate sharing your experience. Need to update my DD questionnaire.