Resident Owned Home

I have a resident in Oklahoma that owns his own home and has stopped paying his lot rent. What is the process to have his home removed from the park or demand payment on the lot rent due?

We own parks in Oklahoma. It’s very rare that it’s ever come to this with someone who owns their home, but your best path forward is to involve a lawer and get a judgement. With that, you can put a lien on the home. Then with that, you can then hold an auction of the home. You can bid at the auction and get the home yourself and resell/re-rent it, or let someone outbid you, and then you get paid ‘just’ your judgement amount.

You’ll need to think critically about what the real value is of the house, how ‘excited’ you’d be to own it, and what the likelihood is that if someone else buys it, that it’ll be pulled out of your community. But as a general rule, mobile homes do not move out of parks too often, but definitely they do move more often in Oklahoma than other States because land is so cheap.