Resident died. Now what?

A resident in my community just died. Aside from sending a sympathy card to here daughter who lives 3 doors down, what else should I do or be concerned about? The resident owned her home and I believe she lived alone. I wouldn’t mind buying her home as it appears to be in good condition but I don’t want to appear like a vulture circling a road kill.

Any suggestions?




I assume you have not received September lot rent? I would probably wait until close to eviction notice time and then go talk with the daughter about what they plan to do. At that time you could make an offer for the home. You would also know if they have an intent of having someone else in the family move in the home and give you the opportunity to let them know the new person must apply and be accepted as a resident. Make sure you take an application with you to be ready for this possibility. You should be able to find out from the daughter who the executor of the estate is (if any), and find out whose name is on the title! You have to be sure the title goes through probate if it was solely in the name of your prior tenant.

You have every right to ask questions of the daughter since the resident paid you lot rent, and should not appear like a vulture if you wait a respectful amount of time.

Ellen, that was a great post and (ugh I don’t really want to say “dead on,” but it really was!

Ellen’s approach is the professional way to approach such a matter. Leaving the family time and allowing them the respect of waiting until they expect a call from you (the card and the timing of the late rent).

At that point the family has probably already had to address other estate issues and should take this in stride when politely and professionally brought to their attention.

Great advice.