Reports from seller after purchasing a park

I have just closed on purchasing a park that tracks tenants and rents with Rent Manager. I use Buildium for my current park and single family homes and plan to use Buildium for the new park as well. The seller has been great to deal with and has offered any past info or reports from Rent Manager that I would like. I have a current rent roll and a list of Security deposits held and a report showing which tenants owe past due rents. Are there any other reports that you think I should ask the prior owner for while I still can??

I did contact Rent Manager and thought about switching to them, but I personally think Buildium is fine for me. Rent Manager is much more detailed, but I don’t even use half the options that Buildium has available so I think sticking with Buildium would be just fine for me. Buildium is also much cheaper.

Any thoughts on what info I may want to ask for from the previous owner for before he shuts down his Rent Manager account for this property?


Move-in dates. Lease start&end dates. History of rent raises prior to purchase. Rent roll from 1,2,3 years ago. Payment history for each current tenant. I’m sure there are others.