Renting non-MHP park sturctures, help with Warehouse Space ad

I’ve got a 2k square foot storage building. It’s annually an old mechanic shop with water/power/sewer. I have no idea on how to write an ad to rent storage space out. Can anyone give me an example or shoot me some links to resources regarding renting storage buildings?

Here’s what I’d put:

NAME OF TOWN OR NICHE THAT THE BUILDING IS IN. 2,000 sq. ft. commercial building for rent. Electric, water and sewer ready to go. $______/month or make me an offer. Let’s talk (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

If I was looking for a commercial building in that area, that would make me call. The whole goal is to make the phone ring.

I’d also put a sign on your frontage (maybe a banner) that says “Commercial building for rent” and your phone number.

I’d also approach every other building tenant in the immediate area and see if you can steal them over to your building for a lower price.

Thank you Frank. That is perfect.

The “best offer” on the asking rent is critical. Potential tenants will want to have some room to negotiate. You can offer a lower initial rent, split utilities, etc. The key is to make it affordable and reasonable to get someone into the building. If you advertise on craigslist make sure to put interior and exterior photos in the description as well as amount of office space, wall height, number and size of overhead doors, and electrical capacity.

You need to research, talk to real estate agents, to make sure you first know what commercial space rents for in the area by the square foot. If you include Make an Offer or Best Offer in the add be prepared for ridiculously low offers. If you know the area rates you should not have to do any more than offer it at a competitive rate to attract a new tenant.
Depending on the area you need to be prepared to wait it out as commercial space can be very slow to rent. Don’t just jump at the first offer or you may get tied into a long term low rent contract. Check into the state guidelines for commercial rentals to find out if there are any regs restricting you from raising the rents.
Research and get yourself a proper commercial contract/lease don’t just wing it.

Remember you are not desperate to rent it out, this is part of your business, not just a building you want any warm body to occupy for what ever amount they want to pay…