Rent Manager vs Park Sidekick

We switched over to Rent Manager (cloud based) about 2 years ago (from QB and Excel). I still prefer the financial reports from QB but the biggest advantage of RM is the ability to have access for the onsite managers. We have a very lean staff (2) at our home office and delegating to each property manager saves a ton of time.Bret

Hey ShanTX, I was using QB Online for about a year and highly recommend everyone avoid it. The only backup method available is through a third-party. It is basically beta (testing) and not officially supported by QB. You are at risk of losing all of your company data. Also, exporting QB Online data to QB Desktop will not go smoothly. I just paid a bookkeeper for 17 hours to undo my QB Online debacle. It will also infuriate whoever is doing your taxes.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I will keep your suggestions in mind and look at it a little deeper. Thanks again.


Interesting subject as everyone needs automation to run their business properly.

Was forward thinking about automated backups, easy access, complying with regulations on secure data and other items. Good recommendations here, and a simple DuckDuckGo search turned up more to test and evaluate. Most use MS SQL server database system. However during my search I found an app called RentBoss, and it had two versions a simple desktop, but also a Client/Server version.

RentBoss got me to thinking, is there a PHP/MySQL app that can be hosted offsite on a secure server that might also be GNU?

I’m sure that most of you are aware of the benefits of using GNU so no need to reiterate them.