Rent Manager Help Needed

Does anyone have an assistant/bookkeeper looking for an extra 4-8 hours of work per month who can run my Rent Manager for my one small park of 28 lots? My Rent Manager is already completely setup for this park, all tenants pay via EFT, I have been running RM myself for the past few months and it’s very easy. This person would just need to send rent statements, late notices, violations, etc. All very basic tasks, just need to get them off my plate so I can source more deals. If you know of someone trained already who I can share, please let me know. Thank you.

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Good evening - Im a park manager and have been in lending as well in the past. Im curious to know what state the park is in. Im actually in Maine . If you know of anyone that needs a property manager please have them message me. I have been the mobile home business since 2007 and i would like to have a great oppurtunity to purchase a MH Park and I’m not sure who to contact for private funding.