Rent Manager and tracking mortgages

Does RM have some type of method of tracking the rent credit program as well as mortgage ( i.e. where you mail mortgage statements out each month and shows balance etc).Currently using something else that seems to be great for many things but a disaster for ease in tracking mortgages and rent credits on a mailed statement method.  Thought i would check here as I know a lot of you guys use the program . I guess a further follow up if someone cares to elaborate, say you have outside investors for each home loan, is there a way they can track their own mortgage they have  ( just like an investor in a property ( as I believe RM has that functionality ) ) Thanks for your input.

Bueller?  Anyone have anything to share regarding those specific applications.  I would think RM being as widespread in parks and MHRCP and Mortgages being a byprodut of parks the answer is obvious but would really like some user input as we evaluate a potential transition . Thanks! 

Yes, RM does provide those functions.To really evaluate a potential transition to RM you should give them a call to discuss all their available features and see if it fits your needs.We use RM and would recommend it to others.

It does okay for tracking loans and mortgages.  Not sure how you would track MHRCP through it.

I know they have a Loan Manager Module but just wanted to get feedback from actual users. Thanks for the feedback . 

We use RM for our mortgage loans and, for the most part, it works great.  There are a few things that need “work arounds” such as when I “buy” a home back from a tenant, refinanced loans as part of a bankruptcy, etc.but for the most part it’s great.  It definitely made issuing 1098s easy this year.