Rent Manager Advice

I have small park, 30 lots.

I want to start using Rent Manager.

I see there are 2 versions…


Which one do you recommend? How much does it cost?

Any tips on starting with Rent Manager would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The biggest factor is whether you need to access RM from one location or multiple locations. If you are the only user, standalone would be fine. If you need to share access with an on-site manager and you live elsewhere, you should get the online version.

I don’t remember the cost - you should call them and find out. RM standalone has a fixed cost and RM Online charges by number of users.

By the way we were using RM for a while, but we moved to Appfolio recently. Appfolio would require 100 units or more, so it may not make sense for you.

Hi Peter!

Rent Manager here - it greatly depends on what you would like to use the software for as well as how you would like to use the software. Both are based on a double-entry accounting system following GAAP principles, a work-order management system, and property management tools with reporting.

With Rent Manager Online, we store and backup your data regularly, support is included, and you are also open to use some of the online capabilities we have such as Web Portal Suite (online management tools for residents and owners including online payments), marketing automation and integration, report automation, and more. This starts at $75 per month per concurrent user (how many people need to be in the system at the same time).

With Standalone, you purchase the program outright - you will be responsible for storing and maintaining your own data. Support is included for the first year with Enterprise Unlimited, then there is an annual maintenance and support fee starting the second year. Support is included with Enterprise-per-Unit for the first 30 days only. A sales representative can go over the Standalone pricing with you specific to your setup.

If you need any other clarification, feel free to let me know or give us a call!