Rent Credit documentation

Would anyone be willing to either share their Rent Credit documentation, or alternatively, send me the name of a good attorney who has drafted these before? I am assuming it’s 2 documents, 1.) a lease, 2.) a schedule of what the credits are worth and how they are to be applied. Thank you

It comes free with the bootcamp. If you sign up now, maybe Brandon would give you early access, maybe not, I have no idea but he’s pretty fair. Let’s face it, we all know he’s the real brains behind the operation :wink:

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I attended the boot camp July 2010 at DFW. I cannot find anything related to Rent Credit in my materials. I suppose it was either not in use, or was less favored than RTO at that point. Dodd Frank was even more of a mystery back then than it is now, if one can only imagine that! Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks.

In the bootcamp Reference Library online, there is a folder called “Rent Credit Program” with several documents.

I doubt they were using it in 2010. It is in the online library. Email Brandon if you have to

I just reached out to Brandon. Thank you!!

Ok so my contact at the MHA of the state where my parks are says Rent Credit is subject to Dodd Frank regs. My questions are twofold:

1.) Does anyone know if there’s been any legal opinion at the federal level that would invalidate her comments?

2.) Are Rent Credit deals taxed like a note deal otherwise would (e.g. gain on sale fully realized in the year of the sale)?

Thank you