Removing large breed dogs

Looking at a park with 21 tenants. Maybe 4-6 tenants with large aggressive breed dogs. What’s the best way of handling such a take over.

Wondering what people’s experience is when giving a zero tolerance policy on take over.

Thanks folks.

Zero tolerance on the issue of violation of community rules is the only way to operate however what you are looking at doing in a park of only 21 homes is not practical IN MY OPINION.They will not get rid of their dogs and will likely not be willing to move. You will be facing a battle that I believe is not worth the trouble. You would be better to include a rule allowing only small dogs and grandfather the existing dogs. You would then implement a strict policy on dog behaviour- must always be on leash, not to be left out unattended, no barking and must be under control and well behaved. This policy will allow you to weed out the bad dog owners over time through evictions.

Have them get a $1M bite insurance on the vicious dogs and show it to you on a monthly basis along with the rent. If not, non-renew their leases. Aggressive breed dogs are extremely dangerous and huge liability issue. 

We do not even allow dangerous breeds with private insurance – they are not allowed at all. a $1 million private policy will not protect you against the size of the lawsuit in many cases. Our insurance company says no dangerous breeds allowed no matter what, and they’re the boss.

Hi Frank,Surprisingly, our insurance does not have any limits on dogs. But, we still wanted to cover ourselves and enforced this rule. 

Great advice Greg, that is how I handle it as well. Agree with Frank and that works UNTIL they claim their dangerous breed is a service dog, then you are stuck. period. Some say there is ways to deal with this, but I have spent thousands on attorneys, worked through HUD, Insurance agents etc. No one has shown me a way to get them or the dog out yet. The annual increase in insurance cost me more that I make on that space rent for the entire year…Always open to new ideas or anyone else’s experience 

We let our insurance agent handle all service and companion animal cases. It’s free and they get the job done to the insurance company’s satisfaction. You cannot stop any service animal from living in the park under HUD, but there are cases of “companion” animals that are fraud and the insurance agent solves those. Let your insurance agent be your quarterback on these cases – there’s no reason for you to be involved.

The airlines are leading the way with this in my opinion. They have figured out how to require certain documents to cover themselves. A clue here is they ask for a letter from the physician and they also require documents certifying the animal has completed training and is correctly registered. One might call an airline and ask them for a copy of the paperwork needed to fly with a service animal and see if there is anything useful in the documents.For the record at this time we fall back on what our insurance allows.