Remote Management for Water Submetering

Does anyone do their own water submetering and have remote management capabilities for reading?

I see most of these pulse meters can be attached to little transmitters that send data to to a radio antenna that can put the data on your interweb server. Seems like it would uplift your submetering investment by about 20%-30% but expect you would recoup that by not having your onsite manager do it anymore, or could have a 3rd party manage if your state allows them to act as the utility.

Appreciate if anyone doing this can share their experience and if they would do it again.


There a lot different ways to transmit meter readings, manual writing down reads, radio frequency, internet, or via telephone.

Sub-metering water reduces usage from 25 to 35%. Accurate billing is very important and following local and state regulatory rules are required. A third part billing service normally supplies the data collection equipment, and passes on their billing fee to the tenant.

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Dan Helton
Southern Water Management.