Relining sewer laterals

I have seen a lot of questions on this forum about replacing and/or relining sewer laterals. We have about 7 sewer laterals in our park that needed to be repaired or replaced due to major root intrusion. These laterals are the clay tiles and over 50 years old. I got some quotes on completely replacing the laterals and it was going to cost about $3-4k per lateral. The high cost was due to the fact the laterals are very deep in the ground. Part of the road and sidewalk would have to be torn up as well. I found a relining company that uses a product called permaliner thats guaranteed for 50 yrs. If the line is collapsed, they cant do it, but anything else they can. They quoted me $65 a ft which seemed pretty reasonable. Weve completed 3 so far and I am very happy with the results. They do about 2 laterals in a day and there is very little digging involved. The price has averaged about $2k per lateral. So far Im very pleased I went with this route. You can check out the perma liner website at Hope this info helps a little in making decisions on repairing and replacing sewer lines.