Rejecting tenant applications

How do other park owners respond when, after rejecting a potential new tenant’s application for an available unit, the applicant says they paid the application fee and deserve at least an explanation as to why their application was denied?

You are not required to give an explanation, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can give them their money back. I assume you charge $20 and, if you value your time, that’s not worth a minute of worry over, as you will probably spend that much on dinner tonight. That happens only occasionally, and it must be your lucky turn.

Applicants do not deserve any explanation as to why they are undesirable.We simply state that we do not consider it appropriate to provide reasons and do not wish to give explanations. If they push the matter we may say they did not meet our screen requirement and that our requirements are our private business.Best is to simply say no and hang up.