Rehabbing vs. Replacing

I would like to get thoughts of you experts. I have 3 homes that have become vacant and debating whether to rehab them or replace them. I have always rehabbed but am considering replacing.

  1. One home needs a new roof. I have a quote for a roof over of $3500. Does this sound high? Any other options for a metal roof that has been sealed multiple times and still leaks?

  2. One home is a 86 model that probably needs at least 4k of work.

  3. One home is a 83 model that SMELLS awful due to a “cat lady” previously living there. I do mean AWFUL. It is also in not so good shape.

I sell all of my homes off and am just wanting some opinions on these b/c these need more then any of mine have in the past and it seems like I could get some newer ones from Greentree to replace them for not a whole lot more and then sell them for more.

Thoughts and advice?