Referals to South East lenders for MHPs in the $350k to $800k?

Hi Folks,  Anyone get a park financed in the South East recently?  Who?  Terms?Jefferson mentioned Clayton Bank in a post some time ago…  Charles D mentioned using the FFIEC to find banks who have MF / MHP loans.  Thanks for that.  For others here’s that URL Charles gave:

Click call/tfr on the report type, type the institution name,
  and state.  When it pulls up the PDF file, scroll to Schedule
  "RC-C Part 1" and look for loans secured by
  multifamily-residential.  What you want to see is that there is a
  number in the box.  Doesn't really matter what number it is.curt

Curt, my Husband and I got financing from a Local Bank in the Southeast a year ago.We went directly to the Local Banks and just inquired.  For the Banks that we contacted they wanted the Mobile Home Park to be in the same County as the Bank.We received Loan Commitments from 3 Local Banks.However, the one Local Bank that we had been talking to for approximately 2 years gave us the worst terms.  Thus, even though they were open to financing a Mobile Home Park, they were not open to being competitive in terms of Loans.Go to all the Local Banks in the same County as the Mobile Home Park that you want to finance.  Life is dynamic.  You never know who will be the Loan Officer when you walk in.In fact in our case I walked into a Local Bank and ended up talking to a Loan Officer whose Father-In-Law owned a local Mobile Home Park for years.  You do not necessarily run across those Loan Officers every day.  Thus, beat the bushes at the all the Local Banks.  See who is willing to win your business.We wish you the very best!