Recent MHU Bootcamper looking for a Partner

We have just completed the first virtual MHU bootcamp with Frank yesterday. My husband and I are looking for a partner that has also gone through the MHU bootcamp.

If you’re looking for the same, we would love to schedule a call to find out if we have the same goals and each bring a different skill to the table and if it makes sense to pursue a partnership.

Please reach email if you’re interested.

Thank you!


Would you mind filling in a bit more detail? What part of the country, or do you care? How hands on or passive are you looking to be?

I also attended the virtual bootcamp. Covid19 stinks, but I think I will get several glasses of lemonade from it, including attending virtual camp on short notice.


I’m looking mostly in NC & SC. I think both partners will need to be hands on initially, but ultimately the goal is to be hands off.

If you would like to discuss further lets schedule a time to talk.

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I attended boot camp last Dec. I sent you an email.

I am in Dallas but would be interested in SC/NC. I do like being very hands on in the beginning of projects as I have found that sets the tone for the future. Not sure how that would work since I am not in your area.

I own 2 Multifamily properties 75+ units with 2 partners and asset manage one of them. I am in 20 passive RE deals, one being a MH fund. I have learned I am not so keen on funds. I am very green in MH, but willing to learn. My email is: Let me know if you are interested in further discussion.

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Thank you. I’ll check for your email.

Hi, thanks for replying. Feel free to reach out and we can schedule a call.

I also took the virtual bootcamp and look forward to meeting a few ‘classmates’ when it is possible.

We already own a 22 space park south of Macon, Ga. The park is a ‘deep turnaround’ and I’m certainly learning maintenance on trailers, fresh water, sewage, electric…

Like others in this thread, I’d like to connect with other graduates to network and learn from each other.

My email is

Greetings All,
I own some parks here in the SE (and MF in CA), live in Asheville, NC and would certainly be willing to partner on some decent deals with the right folks. Its all about the fundamentals, building a mutually beneficial, fair and equitable relationship. All whilst providing sound, CLEAN and affordable housing that fosters a win win for all involved. Stay safe, thank you, RM

I would be interested in talking. I can be reached at

Let’s schedule a time to talk.

I’m another digital bootcamp graduate. I’m in middle TN and looking for my first park…preferably with owner financing. I want to build a network of bootcampers who would be willing to help me get that first park. While middle TN would be ideal, I’m willing to look nearly anywhere there’s a good deal.

I just participated in the July bootcamp from the Charlotte area. I would definitely like to compare notes to get that first deal done and really start learning.