Rebuilding Roads

We are in the process of rebuilding roads in one of our communities. We want to make it as easy as possible for our residence but we are using concrete roads which require 5-7 day drying time. Access and parking for 50 residence is challenging for that length of time. We will be offering people who have trouble walking rides in golf cars and gators during business hours. What has worked for everyone in the past, and what didn’t work. Thank you!

I once ripped out and re-paved – including the replacement of the road base – a park with 160 lots. There’s no way to do such a project without great inconvenience for everyone, but the payoff is a nice, new road. Educate the tenants on the huge benefit that their small amount of inconvenience will create. I think you are being way nicer than the typical landlord – I never offered golf carts or gators to drive them around in. But no matter what you do, people will complain. That’s just how people are. But then after the ten days is over, people will love you.