Re: What Can I Do?

A couple of things. First- Drug dealers are a huge problem in parks, they could also be cooking drugs- which can be very dangerous. If you were my tenant… and I have a 70 year old manager in one of my parks so maybe you are…

As an owner I would like to see a couple of things- First I would welcome a call. I like calls that are organized- so maybe a outline of what you see and know. Next- I would keep your name off of any correspondence. I might ask your name, but in talking tot the manager or the authorities- I would keep our name out of it. If they wanted to interview you, I would contact you back and ask if you were interested in giving the police a statement.

If the activity is really constant, you might get the police to bring in a undercover officer for a evening and they might monitor activity. Then they might do something directly. That probably needs the manager or owner involved.

I would advise you to keep your distance, not be direct and remain very careful. Drugs, crime and weapons always seem to go hand in hand.

We have some other things we do as owners, which I would rather not post but would be happy to share privately with your park owner if they were interested or your manager if they were engaged and operating on their own with the owners approval.

My contact info can be found by clicking on my photo or on my website-

Best of luck