Re: Update: any info on MH auction pricing?

Dave Reynolds Wrote:

Based on repos we have purchased recently from

Greentree (and without having any idea of the

condition of this one) I would say that you would

end up paying somewhere in the 20-25k range. If

you don’t want to own the home then you would be

better off letting someone else bid on it to

remove it. If you want to own the home then

make sure that the Greentree rep knows how much is

due on back rent to you the landowner.

Dave Reynolds

Thanks Dave, that’s the kind of info I was looking for. We do want to own the home - we think the property is worth significantly more in this neighborhood with the MH on the property, rather than trying to sell the land ourselves.

We originally acquired the property and were working with the homeowner to try to get a short sale on the trailer. They decided to foreclose, but told us if we bid the amount we were offering (in your range above) we would most likely get the trailer. I was expecting that we may be overpaying, but I’m more comfortable now.