Re: the definition of "irony"

Hey Rolf: I can certainly sympathize. I also live in rural Ohio and after attending numerous township government meetings, where residents and officials routinely sneered at the mere mention of mobile home parks, it’s apparent that mindless prejudice against anything “below” single-family, half-acre zoning is quite rampant. In my township, one of the long-time trustees was adamantly opposed to anything involving mobile home zoning issues - no doubt pandering to local sentiment - then, after a divorce and personal financial woes, found himself living in a township park…talk about irony, and then some. I think his snooty attitude, if not his political stance, underwent some adjustment. But, your picture of your neighbors in their “higher class” accomodations, complaining about mobile homes might beat my ironic observations. I have to think that what prevails in the culture has a strong effect on popular opinion: how many snide references to trailer park trash can you find in the media or even the national news? Recall one-time big shot Clinton advisor James Carville in a news conference stating that obtaining (something simple) was “like dragging a fifty-dollar bill through a trailer park.” I don’t suppose the arrogant, self-absorbed politician who never served a day in military service would have wanted to drop that line if speaking to the many retired veterans who live in mobile parks across the nation. Sorry about the rant, but some people burn me up.