Re: Question to MHP sellers

Landlords are making a killing back home (Silicon Valley) and I understand vacancy rates are down just about everywhere in the US. All those people who lost their homes and were supposed to buy a mobile home (per the thinking of another, virtually defunct, website) went into apartments and rental homes. And those same people are likely to stay as renters vs. becoming homeowners again. In four years, rents have almost doubled on the homes I sold to get into parks. Sure not seeing that with parks.

There are fantastic deals out there on rental homes and apartments just like there are good deals on parks plus financing is a lot easier to get on just about anything stick-built vs a park. It’s just a matter of what floats your boat.

One huge difference is that class of people who rent SFR vs. the people in parks. Never did I experience the level of tenant management with rental homes that I have experienced with owner-occupied mobile homes.


Wheat Hill