Re: Property Manager... Firing

Ask a landlord tenant attorney how to get this manager out. I know of several ways to accomplish this goal. He is not entitled to remain in the property for free. Also, if the seller did not disclose this alleged lease and free rent agreement with the park manager, ask your attorney to sue seller for nondisclosure. Tell the manager that if he presents a lease, it will be presented to the Court under penalty of perjury-if he lies he is committing a fraud on the Court.

A lawyer can resolve this matter quickly. It does not have to be complicated. The Court will not look favorably on this manager trying to get a free ride to your detriment. The doctrine of unjust enrichment states that you cannot retain the benefits conferred by another without offering compensation, in circumstances where compensation is “reasonably expected.” If the alleged leasecontract with this manager does not have a cancellation clause then your attorney should be able to figure out a way to apply other doctrines of law which would make them part of the agreement even if not stated therein.

Frank’s bad experience is a prime example of a small claims Court doing what they want in complete disregard of the law. That is why it is important to know the law when you go to Court with matters like these. Judges will not be so quick to do what they want if you have clear statutes and case law to support your position. That is why you should get an attorney for this case.

I would love to present a case like this to a judge and watch the judge evict the guy. There are multiple ways to defeat this guy if you find a lawyer who is knowledgable.

For example in Florida we are an at will empoyment state. The Courts interpret this to mean that an employer only has to give an employee who applies and is hired a reasonable opportunity to work prior to firing them. However, the employer does not have to keep the employee indefinately when they want to fire the employee.