Re: Offering wifi to residents

I know that your forum may not allow solicitation but I run a company that provides hotels, apartment complexes, and mobile home communities wireless internet access. Those quotes above are insane. We run three types of pricing:

  1. Open access for all residents and guests of the community. You pay a per-unit fee and we take care of EVERYTHING. It’s nowhere near the price I’ve seen above. It’s certainly less than folks would pay for internet access (even via promotions) for DSL, cable, or 4G service.

  2. Hotspot login service where each user who wants service logs in with a laptop (or utilizes a small wireless modem) and enters billing information, username and password, and contact information. They then receive a login-based account and you can track who uses the service.

  3. We charge a very small fee per unit (less than $5 a month) for open access and allow users to upgrade speed through the hotspot login system for a fee that they pay (usually under $10 depending on location).

We are based in Minnesota. If you live out of state we can work something out to get you connected. We manage everything remotely regardless of where the network is located. Installation equipment is split in half between us. I have never installed for more than $1,000. Contact me if you are interested.