Re: I nominate Howard Huang . . .

OK, Perry, I’ll start things off. Here is what I have done to-date as far as setting up systems so that I can operate my business remotely:

  1. I’m doing away with as many paper bills as possible with the intent of getting them all coming to me online. I will also pay them online.

  2. Normal rent collection is done via ista-na and this is the single best management system I have ever implemented. Late payers are a problem that can only be handled, I believe, by a live person on-site.

  3. My new website will be up and running this Saturday and one of the features of it will be the ability to download an application. I normally leave a pile of them in each home but copying costs can add up. People who want to apply will have to download an application. Not only do I save on copying costs but I’m hoping to upgrade to a higher class of applicants.

Pretty basic but that’s it. Always looking to see how other people do things, especially when a greeter/manager is involved.


Wheat HIll