Re: Building permit scheduling problems

OMG welcome to my world as a hombuilder. These guys are usually the ones who could not make in the real world and need to resort to these type of tactics. When we run into to these knuckleheads I go right down to the office and demand a meeting with the department head ( another genius) we get a small amount of retaliation in the field after that but for the most part they know they cant push you around!!! It’s like standing up to the bully, knock him in the chops one time, you may get your lunch handed to you… but he will think twice the second time.

Quick story… Middle of January in Wisconsin and going for a Re-final occupancy on a Friday, customer moving in from out of town. We have a set of stone stairs Uni- Lock type leading up to the front door. The code calls for a max riser height of 7 1/2" ( and this guy hated me) we were @ 7 5/8" NO JOKE!!! THE IDIOT WOULD NOT LET THE CUSTOMER MOVE IN. So it sat out there for 30 min freezing my @%& off and could not get the frozen linestone to move ( I feel like I am in counseling lol) needless to say we had to wait until Monday and pay for the customer to stay in a hotel ( nice welcome to the new neighborhood) Victory was mine soon after when we found out this inspector and the head inspector were building spec houses without permits or inspections!!! BOTH USHERED OUT OF TOWN. AHHH I FEEL BETTER NOW.

Do not let this guy make up his own rules, if you let it slide now they will only feel they can do it to the next guy.

Bruce Johnson