Re: Best Ads to sell MHs - here are the best of the best

for blower-uppers, here’s one that I get tons of calls on -

I have an older, but sturdy 3 br mobile home trailer that I want to sell. I will hold the financing if you have decent credit. 0% interest, make payments over 2 or 3 years and it is paid for. $119/mo for 36 months or 179/mo for 24 months. Lot rent is $150. and it is in a nice park with nice neighbors, less than 2 miles to Wal Mart. 859-319-5000 or email me.

LOTS of calls on this one - an older home we got for 1500 in our park.

Hi Brad,

Anyplace you know of that has a list of decent classified and/or craigs list ads for getting seller financed mobiles looked at?

You seem to be pretty knowledgable. Thanks!



thank you - I have been doing it for a while…

Not 110% clear on your Q.

Craig’s List is probably our #1 response - MHBay is also very good - much higher quality call usually, but 99% want to move the home to land here in KY.

Every area is a bit different - in real estate - we say Real Estate is like Politics - very local. Lot of truth to that. Lots of sameness, but lots of local culture.

hit me with that question again… Glad to help.

I also get some decent leads from It does cost some money but you do get analytics.

But Craigslist is by far the best place to place ads.

I like to keep mine simple. Be sure to include Only $XX Down and $XX/Month. Your Job & Your Character will get you qualified.


the next time you have a home that’s ‘done’ - one you are figuring out who you are going to pay to put it in the dumpster - here’s your ad. Gets GREAT results:

Mobile Home - PERFECT hunting cabin, nothing special, but only $500. and take it away, it’s yours. 859-319-xxxx

That rascal has worked many times - people take them with pick up trucks and all. :slight_smile: