Re: Are they looking to flip this MHP ?


I think this is the part this is confusing to us and many of the people that live around us.

“What matters more is your quality of life, and if the new owners lowers the standards of living in your park or lowers the standard of the tenants he is accepting, With new rules and tougher enforcement of those rules, that does not look like what they are doing”

At first the rules and strict enforcement of the rules gave many of us hope they would clean up the rest of the park.

But when they started moving in the really run down trailers and putting them on the side of the park where

all the newer homes are instead of on the side where most of the run down trailers are along with the tenants

that tend to live in that type of home. We where left scratching our heads.

These homes have been sitting here 5 weeks now with no skirting and no one can figure out

who actually lives in them because so many different people and cars are coming and going all the time.

The one sitting on the side of the road across from us.

We have named it “the tree house”…the front end has trees painted on it.

Allot of these people around me are retired people that go south each winter and have always felt

safe leaving their sit homes empty.

I think Dean nailed it when he said it appears they are setting up the park to be a rental park.

The rules would reflect it and the doing everything in their power to run off the tenants even encouraging

them to leave. It is their property and they can do with it as they choose, I just feel bad for some

of these people that really can’t afford to go anywhere else. Hopefully the other court will decide

to offer some of these people some assistance to get them into their park.