Re: Advertising


Thanks for the compliment! Someday I’ll get a professional photographer up there and get better pics for the website.

The area I’m in has not worked out very well and I’m sorry I bought here. OH in general is a tough place to do business (George Allen stated he would never buy anything in this state.) and this part of the state is poorer than the rest. Selling homes has been extremely difficult. I’ve always avoided renting homes due to the extra work involved although the demand is enormous. I’m putting “no rentals” in my ads and still people call me all the time asking about renting. It’s cheaper to own the home and make loan and lot rent payments than it is to rent yet people are reluctant to buy. Now that I have managers onsite, perhaps I need to re-examine my position. I’d like to bring in brand new homes and rent them until the loan is paid off but getting financing seems to be impossible. I figure the loans could be paid off in 8-10 years and then I could sell the home and carry the paper. I’d have brand new homes in the park and I could get top dollar for them.

Suggestions welcome.


Wheat Hill