Duties,  for your "On-Site  Manager.  ( My wife and I agree with Frank’s opinion that having them  handling “financial”, is not ,a good idea  ; ie   have rents sent instead sent to a off-site location/person )        So,   if she/ he, (or  married couple?)     is not  handling any “financial”,   what’s “good” , for their  responsibilities,   ?

We focus our managers on doing three things:1. Collecting rent, posting late notices, filing evictions as needed (e.g. top-line revenue)2. Showing available homes - opening them in the morning, leaving them open all day so prospective residents can come by anytime and see them. (also top-line revenue)3. Managers have authority to arrange small-dollar repairs (e.g. under $300 - things like lawn mowing, unstopping sewer)The first two of these responsibilities are obviously revenue-focussed.  That is where they spend most of their time.We generally do not have managers do any maintenance other than re-keying homes or mowing lawns.  It is rare that you would find a manager that is actually good at doing both the ‘white collar’ aspects of management and the ‘blue collar’ aspects of maintenance.  So separate those two responsibilities among two or more people.  You also don’t want any single point of failure.  If your manager disappears on you, then your repairman/crew can collect and deposit the rent for a month while you transition, etc.Definitely don’t allow your manager to control the checkbook or be responsible for bookkeeping.  Those jobs should be yours (checkbook) and and bookkeeping out-sourced bookkeeper (find someone off or luck,-jl-