Question - How often do you see owner financing when a listing/selling broker is involved?

Am I dreaming to think this exists after paying 4-6% to the listing agent?

As a SC Real Estate Broker I see Owner Financing all the time with Real Estate Listings on MLS (with a Listing/Selling Broker).Owner Financing is more a component of:-   Financial Stability of the Seller-   Property Owned Free & Clear With No Mortgage/s-   Seller’s Financial GoalsOwner Financing should not have to do with whether or not it listed by a Real Estate Broker.The Real Estate Commission would just be paid by the Seller at Closing from the Down Payment of the Buyer.We wish you the very best!

Novicemh,Owner financing is not something you see offered enough. If more agents knew how to structure them, they would close more deals.Period.Owner financing is something YOU have to create.Find the seller’s needs and tailor the financing to fit.You can structure one note. Or multiple notes.Bottom line: Don’t think for them. That’ll kill the deal before it starts.Let us know what you’re thinking,Mike Weiss

Thanks, Mike.