Question for Kansas Park Owners - Billing back W/S

We called the Kansas Public Utility commission and they said Water and Sewer are not regulated and can be billed back with whatever formula the mobile park owner chooses. They just asked to make sure we are not making any profit.However,when I called the Kansas MHA, they said the only way to bill back would be to actually sub-meter every lot or increase the lot rent b that much.  Does anyone know the laws in this state to bill back W/S? Thank you.

Search- Kansas Mobile Home Park Residential Landlord tenant Act.It’s under 58-25,127All park owners should research their states Residential Landlord and Tenant Regulations to be able to understand how to operate their business. Remember regulations for tenants of all types in your state may apply to Park tenants as well. Take the time to learn the regulations governing your business to avoid getting into trouble.

Thank you Greg.

I read the document you referred to and this talks only about sub metering. If the parks infrastructure does not allow sub metering, can we implement RUBS in KS and does that require licensing?

Your first source should be your state Landlord Tenant Labour Board. The board will most likely be mandated to protect tenants rights and will have a answer or possibly refer you to the agency responsible.Beyond that you can only go by what the PUC has told you.