Question for Frank


Is there a future schedule out there for the boot camps. Seattle is too far out there? When would you be close to the St. Louis ?

Looking at a park now, old mom and pop rental that may be a good entry park.



And one more question please … Can you confirm the home study course includes the 30 day dd information. If so, how quickly can these be sent out. May be mo inv in high gear this week …

Is there any credit offered when the HS course in purchased prior to the boot camp, as I believe these courses are provided during the camp.


The 30 day due diligence is covered in the course but not in detail as it would be in the separate DD buy. You do also receive a discount on boot camp but not sure how long it is good for.
You get access to the materials right away online and the written materials and CDs are mailed out and received shortly after.

Hi Dean,The closest we will be to St. Louis is Denver. We don’t have an exact date pinned down yet. It should be the second weekend of August. As for the due diligence. It is covered but not in as great of detail. Also we do apply the full purchase price of either course to the boot camp purchase, that does not ever expire. Please let me know if you need anything else!

Hi Kirsten - Do you ever have boot camps in the southeast?Thanks,Matt

We have a boot camp coming up this year in Charleston, SC – that’s pretty southeast, right? We also hold a Boot Camp in Orlando every year, but that’s not until the start of 2015.

That is southeast.  I hope you like shrimp and grits.  When is the Charleston boot camp scheduled?

September 26 to 28. I’ll take the shrimp and you can have the grits.

Is there anything planned for the upper Midwest? There are about four months out of the year when we aren’t buried in snow :slight_smile:

HI,Are the earlier responses to the DD material being in less detail only referring to Bundle #1?  I’m assuming that the full DD package is included in Bundle #2.  Please clarify this.  Thanks.  Also, I’m assuming that the full $997 for Bundle #2 will be credited toward a bootcamp purchase.  I’m interested in the Charleston camp, but don’t want to wait until September for the material.  Also, I’d probably buy 2-3 tickets. So, I’m assuming that my cost for 2 tickets will be $2002.  Correct ?  How much for 3?Lastly, Bundle #2 includes a ton of material.  I may have missed it, but do you have a recommendation on the order which a newbie should read/learn/study the material ?

Yes, the DD manual is included in Bundle #2. Anything you buy from us (books, Bundle #1 and Bundle #2) counts towards the Boot Camp ticket price, so all you pay is the difference between that ticket and whatever you have already bought. There is absolutely no penalty of any type.When you order the Boot Camp, you get all the products immediately, not at the time of the Boot Camp. If you order Charleston now, you will get all the materials in a few days shipping.Call Brandon at (970) 856-4070 for exact prices on multiple boot camp tickets, as well as to subtract everything you’ve bought to date.The normal order of addressing the material in Bundle #2 is to read the home study course from cover to cover, listen to all the CDs while you’re driving (that’s how most people do it) and then the Due Diligence manual at the end. There is a ton of material, so it’s really just a matter of immersion, and you’ll find that it all relates to each other, so you just have to jump in and do it. It’s like learning a foreign language – you just dive in.