Put houses and other misc structures in a different LLC?

Can someone give me a breakdown on how this works? Do I need to insure the buildings under this LLC separately from the park?

Should houses and warehouses go into the same LLC that owns park-owned homes?

I would get with your insurance/legal people on this, but I would definitely insure the mobile homes in a separate entity from the park. Running expenses through the park LLC that belong to your homes LLC could blur the lines on wether these are really separate if the issue ever came up. I’m not sure if that is actually 100% true, but we prefer to error on the side of caution on potential liability issues. Especially when it doesn’t cost any more money to do so.

As for your ancillary structures such as SFHs and warehouses, we don’t do these separately. I’ve always assumed that since they are permanent structures sitting on the same parcel as the park, that you couldn’t do it this way. If you could, then everyone would hold playgrounds and pools in a separate LLC from the park too. It’d be interesting if someone had another take on this, but I think your permanent structures belong to the park.