Purchasing notes

Anyone interested in purchasing notes? I would like to sell my notes that I am holding on some of the homes in my park. Anyone have any good connections in reference to note selling?

Lynn - you might want to tell us where the park is located and the approximate values of the notes you’re talking about. Many note investors, especially those purchasing MH notes, prefer to invest in their “local” area and this info would help potential investors decide if they were interested or not.


Hi Lynn,

I just saw your post for selling notes. I would be interested in knowing the terms of the notes and particulars regarding the asset they are secured by. Please send any information to pacifishore@cox.net or fax them to 760-566-1113. Thanks.


The park is in Texarkana, Texas. The notes that I want to sell are 12% interest, 120 payments. The homes are valued between 16,000-30,000. The homes vary in size and age.

I currently own about 60 homes that are in good condition that I use as rentals. I would be willing to sell some of these at a wholesale price to an investor. The homes are occupied with good paying tenants. I have a great on site property manager that could be very helpful to a new investor. If anyone is interested in purchasing an already cash flowing business, contact me. The monthly home rent is from 400-575.

Give me a call. I know an investor who buys notes anywhere and on mobile homes. Give me a call and we can discuss the details.