Protection against getting sued

Will this lot rent clause/park rule protect park owners from getting sued successfully?

“Lessor is not liable for injury or damage to personal property. The Lessor shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person or to any property at any time on said premises or building from any cause whatever that may, at any time, exist from the use or condition of the premises or building from any cause during the term or any renewal thereof.”

Please share if you have an even better clause/rule.


Those are feel good clauses, but rarely have any legal effect. They are like a sign in a diner that says, “not responsible for accidents.” Most states (all?) have laws that prevent business owners, landlords, etc from posting laws or writing forms which exempt them from state laws, common laws for premises safety, consumer safety codes etc, else we’d all do it for all our businesses. That said, general warnings about potentially hazardous things/places/products can help protect you to some extent and lessen your responsibility to the public.

@KurtKelley, thanks Kurt!